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Kinsler Fuel Pumps From 300 to 1600 Series

Original price $1,789.00 - Original price $3,200.00
Original price
$1,789.00 - $3,200.00
Current price $1,789.00

Our favourite mechanical fuel pump is brought to you by Kinsler, we stock a variety of sizes at all times and everything is ready to ship. Kinsler pumps are a 'go-to' product when it comes to our Mechanical Fuel Pump Kits (designed by PRP to suit a range of performance engines). Currently we have the following models:

  • Kinsler Tough Pump Series 1 Pump (300 to 700 Series)
  • Kinsler Tough Pump Series 2 Pump (800-1300 Series)
  • Kinsler Tough Pump (1600 series)

Don't go wasting your time and money by straining your electrical system with 3 or more electric fuel pumps when you can fit the latest and leading technology for performance vehicles! When set up properly, these fuel pumps start first click with no issues just like a normal street car would, they literally have no negative points about them!

Kinsler Mechanical Fuel Pumps are Quiet, Smooth in operation, Look amazing and place no stress on your electrical system! These pumps are used in some of the worlds fastest and record holding vehicles, a trusted and proven product for many years now.

For information on how to plumb your Kinsler Mechanical Fuel Pump, CLICK HERE!

For Kinsler Mechanical Fuel Pump Power Ratings, please see below:

  • Kinsler 300 - 600hp rated.
  • Kinsler 350 - 800hp rated.
  • Kinsler 400 - 1100hp rated.
  • Kinsler 500 - 1400hp rated.
  • Kinsler 700 - 1800hp rated.
  • Kinsler 800 - 2000hp rated.
  • Kinsler 900 - 2200hp rated.
  • Kinsler 1100 - 2600hp rated.
  • Kinsler 1300 - 3000hp rated.
  • Kinsler 1600 - 4000hp rated.