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Plazmaman - Evo 4 To Evo 10, 100MM RACE Series Intercooler

Original price $1,845.00 - Original price $2,673.00
Original price
$1,845.00 - $2,673.00
Current price $1,845.00
Model of Evo: Evo 4 to 6
Finish Colour: Raw
End Tank Style: 3" 76MM Push On Conventional End Tank
Custom Product - COVID-19 circumstances and huge demand has caused us longer than expected delays. Please allow 30-40 business days to manufacture this product.
  • 1000-1400hp+ Rated.
  • As Used on Micks Motorsports 1600hp, 75+ psi monster Evo.
  • For highly modified race-style engine Evo Mitsubishi's.
  • Lightweight tube & fin core design.
  • Fast recovery time.
  • 530x300x100mm or 550x300x100mm race spec core.
  • Fabricated bottom inlet/outlet end tanks, with 3.5″ (90mm) push-on hose style connection. Other options are available.
  • Available in Raw, or Black
  • Please be aware that due to the larger 100mm core thickness, the end tanks are approximately 115mm in wide, some slight trimming might be required to fit depending on your model, but some sacrifices have to be made to flow genuine hp.
  • Please also be aware that some custom piping might have to be made to suit this Intercooler or at least some small modification to piping on either side of the cooler outlets as a minimum.

Product Options;

  • This intercooler can be ordered with hose Style bottom inlet/outlet end tanks.
  • This intercooler can be ordered with Plazmaclamp assemblies.
  • We can build a completely custom end tank style