FTRS920 FTG Billet Twin Fuel Pump System (Nissan R & S Series)


This product will allow you to use a high demand fuel system in your factory tank.

For Non-R32 vehicles, the billet hat has a built-in Venturi system to allow fuel to be transferred from the LH side of the tank just like the factory setup

Spec list:
Built-in billet siphon in the hat
Bulkhead connector with 30Amp Tefzel wire Raychem heat-shrunk wiring
Guaranteed Genuine Twin Walbro 460LPH pumps with built-in non-return valves
Provisions to mount the factory fuel gauge sender unit (R32 float mount still to be released)
Viton Square O-ring to seal hat to the tank with factory locking ring

R33 R34 GTR and Gtst
S14 S15
-8 feed with built-in Y for twin pumps
-6 or -8 return
Compatible with 98 and E85 Ethanol fuels


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